How to Assess Lock and Key Functioning

How to Assess Lock and Key Functioning

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In many cases, residential and commercial lock repair is required not because of accidental damage or breaking, but because of continuous problems which have remained unnoticed. In order to spot issues timely, you need to check the condition and operation of locksets on a regular basis. Find out how to carry out thorough and effective assessment.

Key Evaluation

How to Assess Lock and Key FunctioningPerform a bending check - You simply need to take the key and hold the blade in forward position. Then place the blade right next to a straight flat surface. If you see any gaps, you should opt for timely key repair.

Run an overall inspection - Look closely at the grooves and tip and especially at the peaks and valleys of the item. If you see dents and chips, you will need a new key. If the tip and peaks, in particular, have got dull, you should definitely go for key replacement.

Lock Check and Testing

Inspect the entire mortise set including the strike plate - Watch out for loose and damaged screws. If necessary, use new ones and tighten them firmly. Remove rust and greasy spots right away. Check the latch for chipping and denting. If it is in poor condition, it has to be fixed. If there are scratches or dents on the hole of the strike plate where the latch goes, this signals misalignment. The specialists of our locksmith company in Highland Park explain that this issue is most often due to improper installation, but there could be other causes which have to be identified and taken care of.

Insert the key into the keyhole and assess how it slips in - If you feel any obstruction or hear a strange sound, this is a sign that there is a problem with the keyway and possibly with the entire cylinder. In such cases, lock repair should not be delayed.

Turn the key and evaluate the way in which the cylinder operates - The movement should be smooth and fairly quick. If you have to use extra effort or if you notice any obstruction, repair will be needed. The latch or bolt should move freely in and out of the strike plate's hole. If you hear scraping sounds, this is a sign of trouble.

Finally, even door locksets which are in good operating condition should be upgraded on a frequent basis so that the property stays secure. Given the current pace of technological advancement, this should be done at least every five years.

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