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Take the time to read the answers to some of the most important frequently asked questions on door locks, keys and locksmith solutions. Eliminate any confusion and misconceptions that you are trying to battle. Expand the knowledge which you have so that you can have the level of security that you require.

How can I slow down burglars?

You can slow down burglars by making their life difficult. This is done by forcing them to try twice as hard not to be noticed by security cameras or lit yard areas plus trying to figure out how to open the high security door locks. Therefore, our specialists suggest good door locks, lots of lights, and extra security systems.

Why can't I put the key in the lock?

Did you check if the key used is the right one? Often people get the wrong keys. If it's the right one, check if it's bent. It won't fit in the keyhole if it's damaged plus will be difficult to insert it if the door locks are frozen, very dirty or damaged, too.

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